Обложка книги Love's Body, Dancing in Time

Love's Body, Dancing in Time

ISBN: 0974655910;
Издательство: Aqueduct Press
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionLove?s Body, Dancing in Time offers five love stories by the critically acclaimed L. Timmel Duchamp, stories only she could tell. Carnal and queer, intricate and involved, they range from the heart-breaking Sturgeon Award finalist "Dance at the Edge" to the historically authentic, Tiptree short-listed "The Apprenticeship of Isabetta di Pietro Cavazzi," to the subtle, original "The Heloise Archive," in which the rewriting of the eleventh-century abbess?s life story dramatically alters the course of European history. Like all of Duchamp?s work, this fiction is passionate, feminist, and intelligent.