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Gwendolyn R Morris

Nubian Passion: A Collection of Six Sensual Romance Short Stories

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ISBN: 0595313973
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 220
Book DescriptionNubian Passion is a collection of six sensual interracial romance short stories that travel from ancient Egypt to an apocalyptic America. Nubian Passion is a collection of six short stories, which incorporate love, romance, and sensuality into non-traditional interracial tales. The leading female character is always a woman of Nubian descent. However, her lover is always a man from a different heritage. Nubian Passion begins during ancient times with a story titled, The Nile. Then, the stories progress to the 1650?s, the 1690?s, the 1870?s, the 2030?s, and a post-apocalyptic time where the year is virtually unknown. Each story is mixed genre. So, do not assume that everything will unfold in a predictable manner. There will be some unexpected occurrences, but not necessarily good ones. However, despite all of the ups and downs that will present themselves, be assured that Romance still rules.Download Description Nubian Passion is a...
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