Обложка книги Saving Stanley: The Brickman Stories

Saving Stanley: The Brickman Stories

ISBN: 0971691525;
Издательство: Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts, LLC
Страниц: 220

Book Description "The tortuous knots of Scott Nadelson's Brickman family make my toes curl and my breath quicken. Equally powerful with narrative and dialogue, he is a writer in full possession of both his material and his craft."-Susan Thames, I'll be Home Late Tonight "Scott Nadelson playfully introduces us to a fascinating family of characters with sharp and entertaining psychological observations in gracefully beautiful language, reminiscent of a young Updike. I wish I could write such sentences. There is a lot of eros and humor here-a perfectly enjoyable book."-Josip Novakovich, Stories of the Stepmother Tongue Scott Nadelson's interrelated short stories are graceful, vivid narratives that bring into sudden focus the spirit and the stubborn resilience of the Brickmans, a Jewish family of four living in suburban New Jersey. The central character, Daniel Brickman, forges obstinately through his own plots and desires as he struggles to balance his sense...