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Lori L. Lake

Stepping Out: Short Stories

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ISBN: 1932300163
Издательство: Regal Crest Enterprises
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 180
Book DescriptionIn these 14 short stories, Lori L. Lake captures how change and loss influence the course of lives: a mother and daughter have an age-old fight; a frightened woman attempts to deal with an abusive lover; a father tries to understand his lesbian daughter?s retreat from him; an athlete who misses her chance?or does she? Lovingly crafted, the collection has been described as a series of mini-novels where themes of alienation and loss, particularly for characters who are gay or lesbian, are woven throughout. Lake is right on about the anguish and confusion of characters caught in the middle of circumstances, usually of someone else?s making. Still, each character steps out with hope and determination. In the words of Jean Stewart: "Beyond the mechanics of good storytelling, a sturdy vulnerability surfaces in every one of these short stories. Lori Lake must possess, simply as part of her inherent nature, a loving heart. It gleams out from these...
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