Обложка книги The Book of Ten Nights and a Night : Eleven Stories

The Book of Ten Nights and a Night : Eleven Stories

ISBN: 0618405666;
Издательство: Houghton Mifflin
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionJohn Barth, the postmodern master, is back with his sixteenth book and third collection of stories, which gathers for the first time in one volume stories previously published in various journals. Exploring ideas of narrative frames, stories within stories, and the uncanny power that language has in our lives, he offers the thrilling blend of playfulness and illuminating insight that has marked him as one of America"s most distinguished writers. Here are tales of aging, time, possibility, and relationships. And in typically Barthian fashion, they are framed by the narration of a veteran writer, Graybard, and his flirtatious, insouciant muse, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). During the eleven days that follow September 11, 2001,Graybard and WYSIWYG debate the meaning and relevance of writing and storytelling in the wake of disaster, or TEOTWAW(A)KI— The End Of The World As We (Americans) Know It. The Book of Ten Nights and a Night is vintage Barth,...