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Paula W. Peterson

Women in the Grove : Stories

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ISBN: 0807083526
Издательство: Beacon Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 216
Book DescriptionPaula Peterson"s memoir, Penitent, with Roses, was an unflinching account of her life as a woman and mother after being diagnosed as HIV positive. All the stories in this striking first collection of short fiction feature female heroines living with HIV infection. Shot through with humor, warmth, and insight, a collection that has already received extraordinary advance praise, Peterson"s stories succeed in bringing us into a radically new understanding of life with AIDS. Lucinda, of "A Miracle," is visited by a red-haired man in a pinstriped suit who turns out to be God— somewhat shy and insecure, but the only savior she"s likely to encounter. Russian emigre Olga, "The Woman in the Long Green Coat," bewitches her doctor by inhabiting his dreams and awakening his long-dormant imagination. Cherry physically battles the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, Duane, which appears in her house every night to torment her. "The Affecteds and the Infecteds" are...
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