Обложка книги A Flock Of Swirling Crows And Other Proletarian Writings

A Flock Of Swirling Crows And Other Proletarian Writings

ISBN: 0824829263;
Издательство: University of Hawaii Press
Страниц: 257

Book DescriptionWhy is education potentially subversive? How does ethnocentrism facilitate an oppressive status quo? Who actually benefits from war? Questions such as these are integral to the work of writer Kuroshima Denji (1898-1943), one of modern Japan?s most dedicated antimilitarist intellectuals. Best known for his Siberian stories of the late 1920s?vivid descriptions of agonies suffered by Japanese soldiers and Russian civilians during Japan?s invasion of the newly emerged Soviet Union?Kuroshima also wrote powerful narratives dealing with the hardships, struggles, and rare triumphs of Japanese peasants. His only full-length novel, a shocking description of economic and military aggression against China, is superbly translated here as Militarized Streets. This volume makes much of Kuroshima?s most highly acclaimed work available for the first time in English.