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David Harris Ebenbach

Between Camelots (Drue Heinz Literature Prize)

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ISBN: 0822942682
Издательство: University of Pittsburgh Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 157
Book DescriptionWinner of the 2005 Drue Heinz Literature Prize Between Camelots is about the struggle to forge relationships and the spaces that are left when that effort falls short. In the title story, a man at a backyard barbecue waits for a blind date who never shows up. He meets a stranger who advises him to give up the fight; to walk away from intimacy altogether and stop getting hurt. The wisdom--or foolhardiness--of that approach is at the heart of each of these stories. In "I'll Be Home," a young man who has converted to Judaism goes home for Christmas in Miami, and finds that his desire to connect to his parents conflicts with his need to move on. "The Movements of the Body" introduces us to a woman who believes that she can control the disintegration of her life through a carefully measured balance of whiskey and mouthwash. These are stories about loss and fear, but also about the courage that drives us all to continue to reach out to the people around us.
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