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Fae Bidgoli

Cracked Pomegranate

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ISBN: 1587901226
Издательство: Regent Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 288
Book DescriptionTake a journey into the lives of two thirteen-year-old girls, both born in the rural village of Abadi, Iran, but each in a different era. Fati, the girl of the earlier era, marries at thirteen. Raised to be wife and mother, she looks forward to married life. On the brink of happiness, she endures a traumatic rape attempt, leading the Abadi religious leader and followers to accuse her of adultery and to order her death by stoning. Zoom forward thirty years, to enter the world of Mina, another girl of Abadi. For Mina, finding the year?s first cracked pomegranates in the garden of her home should be exciting, because the cracking of ripe pomegranates always signals her birthday and the onset of a new school year. But this year Mina dreads finding any cracked pomegranates, because this year she will turn thirteen, the age her father wants to marry her off, thus ending her formal education, just as he did her older sisters. Determined to continue her schooling, Mina...
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