Обложка книги Tenney's Landing : Stories

Tenney's Landing : Stories

ISBN: 0743267672;
Издательство: Scribner
Страниц: 288

Book Description These deeply empathic and beautifully crafted stories explore the interwoven lives and histories of the people of Tenney's Landing, a small Pennsylvania river town. Catherine Tudish has assembled an array of richly textured characters whose paths intersect in ways both incidental and intimate as they learn that their capacity for hope and forgiveness is greater than they thought. In "Where the Devil Lost His Blanket," Elizabeth Tenney embarks on an unexpected journey to return the remains of her recently deceased neighbor, a woman she barely knew, to South America. "The Dowry" portrays a woman, who, faced with her father's fatal illness, finds herself confronting the tragedy and betrayal that drove her from home. The title character of "Jordan's Stand," a gruff old farmer, forms an unlikely friendship with a young widow as he tries to teach her how to hunt. In "The Springhouse," a woman finds the strength to leave her husband and return to her parents'...

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