Обложка книги The Mating Season : A Novel

The Mating Season : A Novel

ISBN: 0312424973;
Издательство: Picador
Страниц: 240

Book Description Zorka Carpenter lives a life completely devoted to animals. In a glass house on a hill she spends her days absorbed in her menagerie. Enigmatic architect Richard Dorsey has spent his life trying to escape the fame he garnered in his youth. Living in a world of his own construction, he finds solace only in the past. When these two worlds collide in a magical tryst, both Zorka and Richard are challenged to escape their isolated worlds and find connection in the hearts of one another. Astonishingly inventive, Alex Brunkhorst's The Mating Season is a dazzling work of the imagination, and a piercing look at the human heart.