Обложка книги The Queen's Twin and Other Stories

The Queen's Twin and Other Stories

ISBN: 1417907177;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 240

Book Description1899. Jewett, American novelist and short-story writer, who achieved success as local-color writer for her depictions and stories of her native Maine countryside. Contents: The Queen's Twin; A Dunnet Shepherdess; Where's Nora; Bold Words at the Bridge; Martha's Lady; The Coon Dog; Aunt Cynthy Dallett; and The Night Before Thanksgiving.Download DescriptionThere was something about the look of the crimson silk shawl in the front yard to make one suspect that the sober customs of the best house in a quiet New England village were all being set at defiance, and once when the mistress of the house came to stand in her own doorway, she wore the pleased but somewhat apprehensive look of a guest. In these days New England life held the necessity of much dignity and discretion of behavior.

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