Обложка книги The Survival League (New Croatia)

The Survival League (New Croatia)

ISBN: 1932010068;
Издательство: Ooligan Press
Страниц: 104

Book Description With the Croatian Ministry of Culture, Ooligan presents Gordan NuhanovicA? , whose prose is a doorway to the heart and soul of a vibrant society ravaged by recent wars. The first of three Croatian titles to be publishedby Ooligan in 2005, these stories probe the human condition through the commonalities and the idiosyncrasies of everyday life. Gordon ("Flash") amuses and entertains with his sensitive, evocative tales. Born in 1968, NuhanovicA? was a war reporter during the Homeland War and is currently a journalist and literary critic in Croatia. Besides several literary awards and work in numerous literary journals, he has published two previous collections, Survival League (2002) and Battle for Every Last Man (2003). NuhanovicA? was vocalist in the Croatian punk rock band The Mothers.