Обложка книги A Love Noire : A Novel

A Love Noire : A Novel

ISBN: 0060536799;
Издательство: Amistad
Страниц: 320

Book Description When Noire, a hip, Afro-wearing Ph.D. student, walks into Brown Betty Books, her righteousness kicks into overdrive amid the self-identified "talented tenth" who wear their double degrees and five-hundred-dollar shoes like badges of honor. And then Innocent walks in, sits down beside her, and turns her on her head. A dashing, well-heeled investment banker originally from Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, Innocent seems interested in her ... but he's one of them. Before meeting him, Noire shunned the "bourgie" world of black monied cosmopolitans like Innocent, opting instead for socially conscious -- but economically challenged -- artists and urban intellectuals. Their mutual attraction blossoms into lust and eventually love, but it lives in the shifting sands of personal beliefs and professional ambitions that are often at odds. Set in present-day New York City with jaunts to Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, A Love Noire is the story of an...