Обложка книги American Wives (Iowa Short Fiction Award)

American Wives (Iowa Short Fiction Award)

ISBN: 0877458685;
Издательство: University of Iowa Press
Страниц: 158

Book Description AvailableOctober 2003 In Beth Helms's American Wives, winner of the 2003 Iowa Short Fiction Award, the women inhabit familiar roles?military wife, wealthy widow, devoted mother, lifetime companion. Yet despite their ordinary appearances, these women have deep secrets hidden beneath the thin veneer of duty, devotion, and privilege. Set in both the United States and abroad, American Wives is about hope and disappointment, failure and resignation, desire and, occasionally, joy. A military wife abroad has a brief and totally unexpected sexual encounter; a wife watches as her husband, obsessed with the au-pair, has an affair instead with her best friend; a young woman finds herself destined to repeat the patternsof her mother's long-hidden infidelities. At the heart of each encounter is the overwhelming need to connect with others?whether they be lovers, spouses, friends, or family?while balancing personal desires. Too often, Helms's...