Обложка книги As We Lay : A Novel (Strivers Row)

As We Lay : A Novel (Strivers Row)

ISBN: 0375758429;
Издательство: Villard
Страниц: 368

Book DescriptionBreck’s mind went to Boston and eased into Eric’s office. She saw him sitting at his desk with his legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles....A killer smile stretched wide across his face, revealing perfect white teeth. She heard his laugh and her body began to quiver. —from As We Lay Indianapolis architect Breck Lawson has just received the call of her career: Eric Warren, a prominent property manager, has said that he is considering her to design a multicultural center in Boston. A contract with his firm would immediately put Breck in the who’s who of the architectural world. It’s just the break she’s been waiting for. But it soon seems as though Eric Warren offers more than justa lucky business deal. From the moment they first speak on the phone, Breck and Eric feel a connection. Breck learns all about Eric’s devotion to his wife and son, as well as to his community. And she is able to open up to...