Обложка книги Chocolate Sangria : A Novel (Strivers Row)

Chocolate Sangria : A Novel (Strivers Row)

ISBN: 0375506519;
Издательство: Villard
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionRiding the waves of her national bestseller, Black Coffee , Tracy Price-Thompson keeps the rhythm rolling with this page-turning tale of sexuality and self-identity that puts a startling spin on the bonds of friendship and the devastating consequences of keeping secrets, telling lies, and betraying those you love. Juanita Lucas is a young woman living in a housing project in Brooklyn. Although she has a very light complexion, she is proud of her blackness, even as shetakes a beating from the very sistahs she tries so hard to emulate. Her only friend, Scooter Morrison, is an upwardly mobile brother who also happens to be young, gifted, and . . . gay. While Juanita spends her time finding ways to fit in with the girls in the ’hood, Scooter’s frustration over his sexuality makes him an easy target, and in his tough inner-city neighborhood he finds himself catching hell coming and going. A chance encounter with two fine Puerto Rican...

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