Обложка книги Emporium


ISBN: 0142001953;
Издательство: Penguin Books
Страниц: 256

Amazon.comA disturbing sense of paranoia drifts through the nine stories in Emporium , Adam Johnson's stunning debut. But beneath the uneasy surface of the freakishly memorable landscapes depicted in this original collection lies the familiar trappings of adolescence: strip malls and cul-de-sacs, stifling suburbs, teenage crushes and rebellions, absent parents, and a frightening, unpromising future. In "Teen Sniper," a lonely 15-year-old LAPD marksman, whose only friend is ROMS, the squad's bomb-detecting robot, can snuff out a life in a heartbeat from 475 meters away yet can't connect with the girl of his dreams standing right in front of his nose. In this unsettling story, the sniper visualizes the impact wounds of his victims--renegade employees of Silicon Valley software companies--as beautiful floral imagery. Duck, you fool , I can't help whispering. The slug goes, connects--a neck shot, my trademark, the wound lapping like...

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