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Collen Dixon

Simon Says : A Novel of Intrigue, Betrayal...and Murder (Strivers Row)

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ISBN: 0812968816
Издательство: Villard
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 336
Book DescriptionLIFE’S A GAME. ARE YOU READY TO PLAY? The blood rushed from Alex’s head, and his body went limp. As he passed into an abyss of darkness, the chilling final words of The Deliverer rang in his ears, words that would haunthim for the rest of his life. “The next time you pull a knife on someone, you better know why. It’s not a toy. It’s not a plaything. You be prepared to either use it for real or have it used on you.You either kill or be killed. Always remember that.” —from Simon Says Alexander Baxter is a young man from the heart of D.C.’s most notorious ghetto and seems destined for a life of crime. But his intelligence triumphs over his fists when Simon Blake, thecity’s illustrious mayor, plucks him out of the clutches of a violent fate and guides him to achieve his every wish. For Alex, it’s a fairy tale come true. But this isn’t a fairy tale—and no good deed ever...
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