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Francis Ray

Somebody's Knocking at My Door: A Novel

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ISBN: 0312307349
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 368
Book Description Kristen Wakefield grew up the privileged, beloved daughter and sister of a wealthy family . . . yet she felt eclipsed by the achievements of her older brother, Adam, a renowned neurosurgeon. In New Orleans, Kristen believes she now has the opportunity to prove herself and forget a rather disastrous past relationship. But life is much harder than she expected in the Big Easy. Then she meets a man from her past, Rafe Crawford . . . a man battling his own demons and keeping his own secrets. The beautiful, but down-to-earth Angelique Fleming has always had to fight to get what she wanted in a world dominated by men and she has the chip on her shoulder to prove it. Which is why she takes great pleasure working at a local strip club, hoping to expose a few naughty little secrets of the community’s upstanding men. But before she gets all the dirt, she’s going to find out a few things about life, men, and forgiveness she thought she already knew. ...
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