Обложка книги This Side of the Sky

This Side of the Sky

ISBN: 0425193128;
Издательство: Blue Hen Books
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionTheir friendship began in Nadir, Mississippi. But the twentieth century would take Lilian Mayfield and Myraleen Chadham far beyond that rural town-to segregated Philadelphia, to an Army base in England during the Blitz; to the excitement of postwar Paris. Throughout their long journey, they would never stop searching for their rightful place in the world, even when everything they believed in was tested again and again.Download Description"An epic and touching story of two best friends charting their uncertain way through segregation and war, to love. In her funny, moving, and ambitious debut, Elyse Singleton introduces us to two inseparable and hard-minded idealists. Young Lilian endures the tribulations of Nadir, Mississippi, on the purity of her faith in people and her growing belief in herself. Her best friend, Myraleen, gets by on her sharp tongue and her unwillingness to give in-and perhaps because Lilian is always with her. In this lifelong story, Lilian and...

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