Обложка книги Lemon City : A Novel (Strivers Row)

Lemon City : A Novel (Strivers Row)

ISBN: 0812970330;
Издательство: One World/Strivers Row
Страниц: 272

Book Description In this wry fiction debut, Elaine Meryl Brown plunges lucky readers into a gripping narrative of small-town hijinks and big-time hearts. Rule Number One: Never marry an Outsider. If you do, the boll weevil will bite you back. Rule Number Two: If you can’t be honest, you might as well be dead. Nestled in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains, Lemon City has ten rules, all designed in the best interests of its tight-knit black community. Granddaddy Dunlap knows all too well what can happen to folks who venture beyond Lemon City’s protective borders. He once had to venture outside town to identify his best friend’s body. So when his firebrand granddaughter Faye, returns from college married to an Outsider, he must act fast to keep her in Lemon City’s safe embrace. It proves to be a challenge–and not just because the patriarch is distracted by the tensions arising from the heated...

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