Обложка книги Memoirs of Hecate County (New York Review Books Classics)

Memoirs of Hecate County (New York Review Books Classics)

ISBN: 1590170938;
Издательство: New York Review of Books
Страниц: 447

Book DescriptionA neglected classic of American fiction, Memoirs of Hecate County has been overlooked perhaps because of Edmund Wilson's too-commanding reputation as a critic, but also no doubt because its remarkably graphic and unsentimental depictions of sex attracted the attentions of the censor and provoked a scandal. Hecate County is the bewitched center of the American libido, a sleepy bedroom community just beyond the city walls where drinks flow endlessly and fantasies of sexual fulfillment take form and or fade away in an atmosphere of persistent unreality. But at the heart of the book is a New York story, "The Princess with the Golden Hair," Wilson's riveting, comic, and ultimately very moving account of a man caught up in concurrent love affairs. Written in a fine, clear style that is not in the least dated, Memoirs of Hecate County is, along with the best novels of Fitzgerald and Hemingway, among the finest accomplishments of 20th-century American fiction.

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