Обложка книги World Famous Love Acts

World Famous Love Acts

ISBN: 1889330167;
Издательство: Sarabande Books
Страниц: 224

Book Description "An entire book of good stories. . . . [Leung] gains trust the old-fashioned way-through confidence, craftsmanship and compassion. There are no shortcuts here, no tricks or gimmicks, no glib patinas to conceal weak underpinnings. . . .This is a book about loss, twined irrevocably with hope, a hope that surges below the surface of all life. . . . Read [it] and see a bold new writer making himself vulnerable on the page. He gives us all hope."-Chris Offutt Born to a Chinese fatherand Euro-American mother, Brian Leung is a native of California, where he is now an assistant professor at California State University, Northridge. He received an M.F.A in creative writing from Indiana University.