Обложка книги Noir : Three Novels of Suspense

Noir : Three Novels of Suspense

ISBN: 0765311399;
Издательство: Forge Books
Страниц: 384

Book Description Noir contains three long-lost thrillers by Richard Matheson, the grand master of suspense. Originally published in the 1950s, at the very beginning of Matheson’s distinguished career, these page-turning classics have been largely out-of-print for decades. Now readers everywhere can savor three unforgettable tales of crime, corruption, and cold-blooded murder. . . . Someone Is Bleeding-- Dave Newton has fallen hard for Peggy, a leggy blonde with a luridpast and a heartbreaking smile. But as bloody corpses begin to litter his path, Dave is forced to confront the terrifying possibility that the woman he loves is a deranged killer! Fury on Sunday-- In the wee hours of one fateful Sundaymorning, a homicidal maniac embarks on a rampage of terror and violence that threatens everyone who crosses his path, culminating in a deadly confrontation in a Manhattan apartment building. Ride the Nightmare-- Chris...

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