Обложка книги Playing With Destiny

Playing With Destiny

ISBN: 1583145249;
Издательство: Sepia
Страниц: 273

Book DescriptionIn his powerful debut novel, Phillip Thomas Duck reaches into the hearts of two brothers struggling to understand the boys they once were and become the men they were meant to be. As brothers, Colin and Courtney Sheffield know their lives will always be connected, but their mistakes, and those of their absent father before them, have tangled them in a web of bitterness and regret neither of them can shake. More than siblings, less than friends, neither of them is willing to place their blood bond over the painful secrets that threaten to shatter their futures. A writer constantly struggling to live up to the hype surrounding his first book, Colin is haunted by an event in his past that still darkens his dreams and casts a shadowover his marriage to Liza, a former model with ghosts of her own to vanquish. Even the birth of their beautiful daughter, Lyric, can?t hold them together when Colin begins to measure every word he writes against that of another...

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