Обложка книги Street Level : An Urban Fairytale

Street Level : An Urban Fairytale

ISBN: 006074782X;
Издательство: HarperTorch
Страниц: 384

Book Description Ex-gangbanger Thea kicked thug life to the curb when her testimony put her ex-lover, the brutal kingpin Jango, in prison. Now she's giving back to the streets she came from, running her own business with her best friend, Chandra, and helping to raise Chandra's son, Malik. But when she comes to the aid of a handsome mugging victim, everything she has built -- and become -- is suddenly in danger. The badly beaten stranger is dignified, mysterious -- and has the same remarkable gift that has guarded Thea her entire life. Through him, the absolute truth of her future becomes frighteningly clear: Jango's out -- and looking for revenge. When the evils in her past threaten to destroy her present, Thea is left with no other hope but to hide in this evasive mystery man's world of money and power. But can a 'round-the-way girl really play princess and make it out alive? Or this time, will the price to get herself and her loved ones off the streets finally be too high?...