Обложка книги The Tin Box

The Tin Box

ISBN: 0765312441;
Издательство: Forge Books
Страниц: 304

Book Description Kenly Alister is a Grownup. Unlike those who sail through life taking what they want regardless of how their actions affect others, Kenly cleans up other people's messes, picks up the pieces, and is the one who others turn to for solace. As the child of an alcoholic, she weathered abuse and sadness and emerged from childhood determined to bring comfort and happiness to those she loves. While in college she fell for Ross Lowen. Ross wasn't looking for someone to take care of him--he wanted a lover, a friend, and a partner. In Kenly he found not only all that but a woman whose capacity for love and kindness bowled him over. The last fifteen years have been good to them and Kenly basks in the glow of a wonderful marriage.An as an extral bonus she revels in their son who, even in his most arrogant, adolescent moments, still has the ability to take Kenly's breath away. This happy life is threatened when her dearest childhood friend dies and Kenly...