Обложка книги Unsettling : A Novel

Unsettling : A Novel

ISBN: 0060546905;
Издательство: Rayo
Страниц: 336

Book Description At long last, Lucy Olivera, fun, feisty, and decidedly commitment phobic, is doing the unthinkable. She is getting married. Yes, she's getting married despite the fact that her family is cursed and her marriage is destined to end in divorce. Everyone who knows her agrees -- there's simply no hope. The legendary Olivera curse will outlive the happiest of relationships. But the hex didn't count on Lucy's three dearest friends -- Cristina, Mercedes, and Annette -- who are determined to get Lucy down the aisle and on the road to a long and happy marriage. They succeed -- at first. But when Lucy bolts after the wedding, each of the women must face her own problems. Together they take off for the mountains of New Mexico to seek the counsel of a guru renowned for the ability to completely change lives. What they find is not what they expect; and the quest itself strengthens the bonds of their friendship and allows them to cherish the lives they have and to make the...