Обложка книги The Feminine in the Prose of Andrey Platonov

The Feminine in the Prose of Andrey Platonov

ISBN: 1900755750;
Издательство: European Humanities Research Centre
Страниц: 226

Book DescriptionAndrey Platonovich Platonov (1899-1951) is increasingly regarded as one of the greatest writers of the Soviet period. His linguistic virtuosity, philosophical rigor and political unorthodoxy combined to create some of the most captivatingly absurd works of literature in any language. Unsurprisingly, many of these remained unpublished in his lifetime, and indeed for many years thereafter. In this lively and original study, Philip Bullock traces the development of feminine imagery in Platonov?s prose, from the seemingly misogynist outrage of his early works to the tender reconciliation with domesticity in his final stories, and argues that gender is a crucial feature of the author?s audacious utopian vision.