Обложка книги Walls of Silence: A Novel

Walls of Silence: A Novel

ISBN: 0743428447;
Издательство: Atria
Страниц: 448

This engrossing, labyrinthine debut legal thriller by a British attorney with a background in international finance is at times annoyingly murky, but the tension level is high. Five years an expatriate in the New York offices of a London-based law firm, Fin Border the son of an original partner who died in Bombay under highly questionable circumstances is caught in a web of intrigue when one of his clients, an influential banker, commits suicide by driving a million-dollar custom automobile over a parapet and plummeting down to Manhattan's FDR Drive. To avoid scandal, Fin is taken off the momentous merger of his firm with a top competitor and sent to Bombay, accompanied by his girlfriend the legal counsel for another important banking client to handle the acquisition of a nondescript Indian corporation. After an old crony of his father tries to warn him that he may be in jeopardy, Fin finds this kindly ally brutally murdered, the only clues a slim book of Rudyard Kipling stories and a...