Обложка книги A Man Finds His Way

A Man Finds His Way

ISBN: 0345445988;
Издательство: One World/Ballantine
Страниц: 352

Book DescriptionWith his critically acclaimed first novel, Bittersweet , Freddie Lee Johnson III defied the stereotype that black men are willingly detached from their families. This debut also heralded the arrival of a powerful and passionate new voice in fiction. Now this talented author has written A Man Finds His Way , in which a college professor sets out to rebuild his world after a series of bitter blows and shattering events. Lately, Professor Darius Collins’s life has been as tumultuous as the history he teaches in his university class. His girlfriend left him for another dude, his ex-wife’s screwing the mayor and going down in political flames along with him, and his son Jarrod has been accused of a vicious crime.And adding insult to the injury, several of his black colleagues are calling him an Uncle Tom for opposing a university visit by the controversial black activist and anti-semite Osmani Bornu. But if history has taught Darius...

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