Обложка книги Americana 1925

Americana 1925

ISBN: 076616084X;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 324

Book Description1925. This is collection is the work of hundreds of readers of The American Mercury. With a few exceptions, every collector has confined himself to his own State. In consequence, the selections show a variety that no single collection could have hoped to match. Here are the things that Americans of the vast majority read every day. Here are the ideas that are regularly presented to them. Here are impromptu, unposed portraits of the prophets and sorcerers who lead them. Some may be considered humorous, but those who see only humor in these fantastic paragraphs see only half that is in them. Fundamentally, 9/10ths of them are serious in intent, and they are all presented here for a quite serious purpose. That purpose is to make the enlightened minority of Americans familiar, by documentary evidence, with what is going on in the minds of the masses.

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