Обложка книги The Legion Companion

The Legion Companion

ISBN: 1893905225;
Издательство: TwoMorrows Publishing
Страниц: 224

Amazon.comIt may not be exactly what you'd expect from the title, but Legion Companion offers plenty of information for fans of the 30th century's greatest super group. It's a collection of dozens of interviews with virtually every creative talent that worked on the Legion of Super-Heroes, including Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, Paul Levitz, Jim Starlin, Jimmy Janes, Keith Giffen, and Steve Lightle. Some of the interviews (and Shooter's "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" intro) appeared in the 1980s-vintage fanzine The Legion Outpost , but most were conducted in 2003, and the book is generously illustrated in black and white with both original comic panels and rare items from the subjects' personal collections. Legion Companion , however, is not a convenient reference guide to Legion lore, so you're out of luck if you're looking for a quick explanation of the story of Ferro Lad or the significance of the Legion Reboot. That's not to say that whatever info you want...

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