Обложка книги The Nanny and the Iceberg

The Nanny and the Iceberg

ISBN: 1583225676;
Издательство: Seven Stories Press
Страниц: 364

Amazon.comA Chilean exile in New York, 23-year-old Gabriel McKenzie has a serious sexual complex: the specter of his father, a modern-day Don Juan, makes him fail every time in the bedroom. In Ariel Dorfman's keen comedy The Nanny and the Iceberg ,Gabriel goes home with his mother in hopes of solving his problem. Dorfman marvelously tangles this story up with the intricacies of post-Pinochet Chilean politics. Gabriel was conceived the night of Che Guevara's burial. The next day, his father bet hisbest friend that he would have sex every day for the next 25 years, while his friend bet that he would become the most powerful man in the country. When Gabriel returns to Chile, both men are on track to win. This is also the year in which Chile is preparing to send a chunk of ice from Antarctica to Seville for the 1992 World's Fair (which actually happened). Our hero enmeshes himself and his family in this politically sensitive project, thinking that by putting both parents on the...