Обложка книги Hatchet Jobs: Writings on Contemporary Fiction

Hatchet Jobs: Writings on Contemporary Fiction

ISBN: 1565848748;
Издательство: New Press
Страниц: 240

Book Description The acclaimed novelist takes a vigorous swipe at contemporary fiction and its progenitors. "Rick Moody is the worst writer of his generation." ?from Hatchet Jobs According to Dale Peck, contemporary fiction is at an impasse. Its place as entertainer and educator has been usurped by television and the movies while publishing has become a feeder industry to Hollywood. Faced with such diminished status, novelists have reacted in two admirable, if misguided, ways: writing for targeted socio-cultural groups, they produce so-called "identity fiction," which employs a neo-Victorian realism and resembles anthropology more than art; or, they've pursued an ironic and self-reflexive postmodernism that can only comment on the real world with a mocking, impotent jest. Both "solutions" are reactionary and self-defeating, leading to books for the few rather than the many that isolate their readers instead of bringing them together. Hatchet Jobs...