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Robert Ruz

Contemporary Peruvian Narrative and Popular Culture ... (Monografias A)

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ISBN: 1855661101
Издательство: Tamesis Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 140
Book DescriptionThis book provides the first look at the dynamic resurgence of Peruvian narrative since the late 1990s. Talk-show host Jaime Bayly's seven novels have scandalized Lima's society with their treatment of homosexuality and have attracted record sales throughout the Spanish-speaking world with their exciting re-creation of Lima slang and focus on McOndo themes. University lecturer Ivan Thays has vigorously opposed this light narrative by providing a 'high' cultural alternative. His three novels have played an important role in the regeneration of Peruvian culture since the fall from power of President Alberto Fujimori. Madrid-based Jorge Eduardo Benavides' narrative has offered an aesthetically challenging and explicitly politicized alternative. His marrying of aesthetics and politics stands in importance alongside Mario Vargas Llosa and Jose Maria Arguedas in terms of the mediation between culture and politics in Peru since the 1930s.. ROBERT RUZ...
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