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Nicolas Gomez Davila

Escolios a un texto implicito : Seleccion (Villegas Escolios series)

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ISBN: 9588160022
Издательство: Villegas Editores
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 514
Book Description "The most customary form of suicide in our generation is a bullet through the soul."--Gomez Davila These aphorisms or "annotations," as Davila modestly called them, are distillations of the thought of one of the America's most outstanding conservative philosophers. His work is considered of major importance in Italy and Germany, where translations of his theology, informed by a hard-edged realism, continue to stimulate debate. Gomez Davila is now recognized to have been a thinker of world stature, with a shocking clarity and originality of thought.