Обложка книги Herman Melville : A Biography (Herman Melville)

Herman Melville : A Biography (Herman Melville)

ISBN: 0801881862; 9780801881862;
Издательство: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Страниц: 1056

Amazon.comIt seems incredible that an actual human being stands behind the works of Herman Melville, and we rightly expect a biography to show us that real, tangible man. When Melville made his debut in England, reviewers thought his books must have beenthe products of an esteemed English gentleman disguising himself under rough Yankee cloth. It was simply inconceivable that any American could produce such noble prose, or that any author could have lived the briny life Melville describes. Hershel Parkerfinds that life not unimaginable, but difficult to distill. His book is monumental in size and definitive in detail. Readers looking for a digestible portait of one of America's favorite authors may find this well researched book a bit rich (remember this is just Volume I), although it does reveal many new insights into Melville's life and family background. Regardless, Parker's book is a significant scholarly work and essential to serious students of this American master.Book...

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