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Marion Montgomery

On Matters Southern: Essays About Literature And Culture, 1964-2000

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ISBN: 0786422246
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 214
Book DescriptionMarion Montgomery, family man, citizen, professor, literary critic, poet, philosopher, is a prolific defender of the poetic, cultural and critical vision of the Fugitive poets, the Southern Agrarian writers, and the New Critics of the 20th century. He has published more than 20 major works of criticism in the past 40 years. This volume presents 26 of his essays, selected and edited by Michael M. Jordan with a foreword by noted historian Eugene D. Genovese. It is a good introductionto the thinking and writing of a man who speaks for southern conservatism with passion and imagination, with head and heart, exercising both faith and reason. This work is divided into five sections?"The Author at Work and at Home," "On Placeand Region," "On Fugitives, Agrarians, and New Critics," "On Individual Authors" and "On Books and Schooling." In the essays Montgomery discusses the importance of place in all serious literature, but especially in southern letters....
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