Обложка книги Philip Roth : New Perspectives on an American Author

Philip Roth : New Perspectives on an American Author

ISBN: 0275983633;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 316

Book DescriptionOf all contemporary American writers, Philip Roth is perhaps the most ambitious, yet he is one of the most underrepresented in terms of critical attention given his place in American letters. Unlike many aging novelists, whose production and creative mastery wane over time, Roth has demonstrated a unique ability not only to sustain his literary output, but also to surpass the scope and talent inherent in his previous writings. He has been awarded innumerable literary honors, and in the 1990s alone he won every major American book award. This long-overdue collection of essays covers Roth's entire output and links themes across works, highlighting those thoughts and ideas that recur frequently.