Обложка книги Two Covenants: Representations Of Southern Jewishness (Southern Literary Studies)

Two Covenants: Representations Of Southern Jewishness (Southern Literary Studies)

ISBN: 0807130435;
Издательство: Louisiana State University Press
Страниц: 194

Book DescriptionJews have long occupied visible roles in the South. Jewish families have owned establishments ranging from dry-goods stores to Thomas Jefferson?s Monticello, and some of the region?s most important writers and scholars have beenJewish. Despite that, surveys of southern culture rarely assess the contributions of Jews, while histories of Jews in America virtually exclude those living in the South. Eliza R. L. McGraw?s multifaceted study serves to fill both gaps and in doing so expands how we define the South. In Two Covenants, McGraw mines eclectic representations of southern Jewishness as varied as the Carolina Israelite newspaper, the Mardi Gras Krewe du Jieux, southern Baptist conversion?instruction pamphlets, and the film Driving Miss Daisy. She also considers literary representations of southern Jews in the works of both Jewish and non-Jewish writers, including Thomas Wolfe, Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy, Lillian Hellman, David Cohn,...

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