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Daniel Y. Kim

Writing Manhood in Black And Yellow: Ralph Ellison, Frank Chin, And the Literary Politics of Identity (Asian America)

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ISBN: 0804751099
Издательство: Stanford University Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 286
Book DescriptionThis book examines cultural representations of African American and Asian American masculinity, focusing primarily on the major works of two influential figures, Ralph Ellison and Frank Chin. It highlights the language of gender and sexuality that writers use to depict the psychological injuries inflicted by racism on men of color?a language that relies on metaphors of emasculation. The book focuses on how homosexuality comes to function as a powerful symbol for a feminizing racism, and explains why this disturbing symbolism proves to be so rhetorically and emotionally effective. This study also explores the influential concept of literature that these writers promote?a view of writing as a cultural and political activity capable of producing the most virile and racially authentic forms of manhood. In comparing African American and Asian American writings, this book offers the first scholarly account of how black and yellow conceptions of masculinity...
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