Обложка книги Death Around the Corner

Death Around the Corner

ISBN: 1601830009;
Издательство: Vibe
Страниц: 320

From multi-platinum rap star C-Murder comes his debut novel--a gritty, compelling, and unforgettable story of surviving on the deadly streets of New Orleans... There's A Time To Go Hard, And A Time To Chill... The day the cops took his daddy away for murder, a new emotion gripped five-year-old Daquan Watson's heart: Hate. It would stay with him as he came up in The Calliope, New Orleans' most notorious, drug-infested housing projects, where every brother is a soldier goin' to war every day. Grandma Mama does her best to raise him the right way, but those streets keep calling. Trying to get ahead in such a harsh environment can make your heart turn cold--unless you learn how to listen to your guardian angel... There's A Time To Take One For The Team... But the violence at The Calliope is nothing compared to what Daquan experiences doing time at Scotland Correctional Center for youth, watching cats get stabbed over card games, young boys get raped,...