Обложка книги Him   Her   Him Again   The End of Him

Him Her Him Again The End of Him

ISBN: 0743296230;
Издательство: Scribner
Страниц: 240

Patricia Marx is one of the einest comic writers of her time, as readers of The New Yorker and fans of Saturday Night Live already know. Her eiction debut is an endlessly entertaining comic novel about one woman's romantic eixation on her eirst boyfriend. Marx's unabashedly neurotic heroine falls for philosopher Eugene Obello during her grad-uate school days in Cambridge, England. Why would anyone fall for a man who receives a grant to pursue Ego Studies? Why would that person remain obsessed, even after this guy marries and becomes a father? By "obsessed," we mean, well...sex and lusting and longing and hoping and waiting for this cad who is spread too thin. Her friends loathe him. Why can't she drop him? Is it because she was the only virgin on campus before she bumped into Eugene (a man who was hardly a virgin)? Is it because he kept a copy of the Magna Carta in his pocket? "You know what I think it really was?" she reflects. "He was a narcissist. I love...