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The SHAMAN's wisdom of Altay

Обложка книги The SHAMAN's wisdom of Altay

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ISBN: 5-902102-01-4
Издательство: ПБОЮЛ Агаркова
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 123
Книжка на английском языке. Жизненный путь и приобщение к тайнам алтайского шамана, «великое учение Шамбала» и др. This book narrates the difficult life of one of our fellow man who was summoned by Higher Powers of the planet to deliver this world and who became Guru Shri Dzhnan Avatar Muni. The book contains facts of his biography as well as some elements of the Great Teaching of Shambala, which he presented to the world. All the hindrances that the prophet faced on his journey in our world, which is ruled by fanaticism, lie and deception, anger and betrayal, are depicted in the book.