Обложка книги Crow's Range: An Environmental History Of The Sierra Nevada

Crow's Range: An Environmental History Of The Sierra Nevada

ISBN: 0874175623;
Издательство: University of Nevada Press

Book DescriptionJohn Muir called it the "Range of Light, the most divinely beautiful of all the mountain chains I?ve ever seen." The Sierra Nevada?a single unbroken mountain range stretching north to south over four hundred miles, best understood as a single ecosystem but embracing a number of environmental communities?has been the site of human activity for millennia. From the efforts of ancient Native Americans to stimulate populations of game animals by burning brush to create meadows, to the present-day burgeoning resort and residential developments, the Sierra has endured, and often suffered from, the efforts of humans to exploit its bountiful resources for their own benefit. Historian David Beesley examines the history of the Sierra Nevada from earliest times, beginning with a comprehensive discussion of the geologic development of the range and its various ecological communities. Using a wide range of sources, including the records of explorers and early...