Обложка книги Nature's Altars: Mountains, Gender, And American Environmentalism

Nature's Altars: Mountains, Gender, And American Environmentalism

ISBN: 0700613692;
Издательство: University Press of Kansas

Book DescriptionFrom the ancient Appalachians to the high Sierra, mountains have always symbolized wilderness for Americans. Susan Schrepfer unfolds the history of our fascination with high peaks and rugged terrain to tell how mountains have played a dramatic role in shaping American ideas about wilderness and its regulation. Delving into memoirs and histories, letters and diaries, early photos and old maps, Schrepfer especially compares male and female mountaineering narratives to show the ways in which gender affected what men and women found to value in rocky heights, and how their different perceptions together defined the wilderness preservation movement for the nation. The Sierra Club in particular popularized the mystique of America's mountains, and Schrepfer uses its history to develop a sweeping interpretation of twentieth-century wilderness perceptions and national conservation politics. Schrepfer follows men like John Muir, Wilderness Society cofounder Robert...

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