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Richard D. Morgenstern

New Approaches on Energy and the Environment : Policy Advice for the President

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ISBN: 1933115017
Издательство: Resources for the Future
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 160
Book Description Written by an internationally renowned team of economists and policy analysts at Resources for the Future, a Washington D.C. think-tank with a tradition for independent, objective research, this collection of twenty-five "memos to the President" offers constructive policy options for the elected administration on critical challenges related to energy, the environment, and natural resources. Each contributor to New Approaches on Energy and the Environment was asked to address the question: "Based on your own research and knowledge, what policy recommendation would you like to make to the next U.S. president?" Writing in advance of the 2004 election so as to keep their essays free of partisan interpretations, the authors were asked not to confine their suggestions to what the prevailing wisdom says is politically possible. They also took pains to make their ideas accessible to a busy president as well as a wide range of readers interested in a concise...
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