Обложка книги America's Wetland: Louisiana's Vanishing Coast

America's Wetland: Louisiana's Vanishing Coast

ISBN: 0807131156;
Издательство: Louisiana State University Press
Страниц: 129

Book DescriptionWith America?s WETLAND, award-winning photographer Bevil Knapp and veteran reporter Mike Dunne sound the clarion call of the catastrophic effects of Louisiana?s vanishing coastline?not just for Louisiana but for the nationand the world. This vital landscape known as America?s Wetland is currently disappearing at a rate of twenty-four square miles per year and could lose another five to seven hundred square miles in the next fifty years if no action is taken. New Orleans could become "America?s Atlantis," one of the country?s unique cultures lost forever. Knapp?s beautiful, sometimes startling photographs and Dunne?s incisive commentary bring the urgency of this problem into full view. Documented here is a way of life that is quickly waning. Fishermen, oyster farmers, cattle ranchers, oil industry workers, shipbuilders, and tugboat captains are all heavily dependent on Louisiana?s coastal territory in bringing the...